Micro Projects 2015

Assessment is time important

We have a significant number of online marking of essays which also have set due dates so are looking at Assignment timings and feedback access.

Relationship between time submitted (in relation to deadline) and grade given

Hypothesis - students that submit early get better marks

Relationship between time feedback accessed (in relation to release date) number of times feedback access and grades on subsequent grades

Hypothesis - students that read and consider feedback do better in future work.


There is the question of correlation vs causation - but we could probably do something interesting in this area and the data will be held on our Blackboard system (we already have SQL that looks at assessments and grades but would need to write new queries to include submission time and due dates).

Could feed into advice for students - "Study habits of effective students" for example "in your school students that obtain a first submit their essays on average 17 hours before the deadline, they also access their feedback within 23 hours of it being released and view it on average 9 times"


Also an extension idea could be this (though not so sure we have or can easily get the data)

Relationship between number of words feedback (and in line comments) and improvement in student grades

Hypothesis - detailed feedback improves students future work



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