Micro Projects 2015

Can survey data be used as an indicator of learning outcomes?

The University of Greenwich currently collects a large volume of survey data from a number of different sources; as well as the National Student Survey the university also runs many other surveys of different groups of students – postgraduates, new entrants, overseas students etc. Some of these surveys are also conducted by other institutions which means that it is possible to make comparisons and perform benchmarking exercises, however, very little work has been done in trying to understand if further value could be leveraged from the data by matching it to other information sources.


This project intends to take the data from the ‘University Student Survey’ – a survey of students who are not included in that year’s National Student Survey population – and match the questionnaire data to end of session progression and completion information.


The first stage of the analysis of this merged dataset would be to investigate if a correlation exists between responses to sets of questions which are indicative of positive engagement with the university and better learning outcomes.


If such a correlation could be shown, the second stage of the analysis would be to apply a similar analysis to in-session, course level survey responses which could potentially be used to assist in understanding which students may need some support to ensure they achieve the best learning outcomes.


The initial study would be led by a senior analyst within the Planning & Statistics directorate as well as a graduate student employed to work on this project. Consultation with other offices & relevant committees within the university would be undertaken to ensure that the study fits within the current programme of work looking at the usage of analytics within the institution.



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