Micro Projects 2015

Learner-led curriculum development

In Adult Education, institutions such as Morley College continually develop large numbers of new courses each year to meet the needs of our potential learners. However, development takes time and resources which are in scarce supply. Additionally there is limited local market information available so often courses are developed with uncertainty as to the demand available. Consistently, cancellation rates for new courses are far higher than established courses.


How can Colleges turn this around and deliver what learners want?


One option to tap into the huge volumes of data available through social media. This could provide;


• Timely, localised evidence of new trends in personal interests which could lead to course development.

• A ‘testing’ area for trying out new course ideas and subsequent analysis of sentiment towards them.

• By linking social media data to existing College Management Information Systems, an effective way of better understanding existing learner satisfaction and potential course interests. This would include existing buyer analysis used for remarketing segmentation.


The study will be to test the viability of this analysis and the tools available to deliver these outcomes.


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