Micro Projects 2015

Presentation is everything

We've got lots of data, we've got lots of correlations, heaven knows we've got a lot of students. The problem is bringing these things together in a way that doesn't seem scary in a big brother/panopticon sort of way... or that doesn't create more work for the hard pressed academics and admins, who are already busy busy busy.

ESPECIALLY for those students who are most likley to benefit from the feedback, those that perhaps frequent the bar more than the library.


The idea for this micro project is to build a "fortune telling booth" that we can set up in the SU bar.

The booth scans the student card and "reads the student's fortune" sharing a range of entertaining, and positive statements, drawing data from our backends and pre-determined correlations.


There are a wide range of generic and useful items that can be shared with students, even to students in Freshers week...

Use of the machine can be logged, and follow up messages shared either through the VLE, email, or not at all, if that proves too creepy.


The booth would be run in public as part of the Brighton Digital festival too, to encourage interest in learning analytics, AND MAKER culture.




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