Micro Projects 2015

Transparent analytics to support co-creation

This project will use learning analytics to aid students in understanding the impact of co-created resources. It is hoped that this will encourage greater engagement with learning resources, and in doing so also support student retention.


We frequently work with both academic staff and students to enable co-creation of resources. Currently we advise on tools that can be used, pedagogical approaches and integration with our learning platform. To take this a step further we want to introduce transparency and informed discourse regarding learning analytics, enabling students to be active participants in the curation of the learning experience.


Through the triangulation of methods to collect learning analytics, including Google analytics, Experience API, and other analytics tools we will track the paths students are taking to build their theoretical knowledge. We will also look at how students work through the resources and activities available. We will observe developing trends as to the type of resources that are accessed heavily and those that aren’t, how students work through the material and how this translates into knowledge building. These observations will be informed by the learning analytics collected in correlation with assessment data.


A subset of the analytics data will be presented to the students to help inform their creation process. As a result students who participate in the creation of resources will know how these are accessed as well as gaining insight into the real contribution their work has made to learning.


The specific course we will be working with is a very practical, experiential learning course. Feedback from students has suggested that those from a non-academic background have struggled with the sections of the course that deliver large chunks of theoretical information. This project will support retention of these students, using learning analytics to assess this approach of co-creation for positive impact on student engagement.



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