Using data and analytics to support students; improving satisfaction, retention and graduation rates.

The challenge

Universities and colleges don't have enough useful data about students and how they are learning. What they have they don’t analyse and interpret. They are missing opportunities to use technology to provide feedback to students. They need to support staff who could be using analytics and a standard set of tools and technologies to monitor and intervene.


To share and prioritise ideas on how best to address the challenge of learning analytics. The timescale is to collect and prioritse some ideas by the end of August. The ideas are being collated from a series of stakeholder discussions from June-August and will feed into a prioritisation workshop in September.


The consultation has resulted in three priority areas have been chosen to work on over the next two years and further details are available from the Learning Analytics Blog. The ideas list will be captured and reviewed over time.

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Support: Actionable steps

A network and guide to support approaches used by institutions to a) support learners identified as at risk b) to modify the institutional behaviour to improve learning attainment. This could be a blog/online resource and series of workshops/network meetings (which could be led by membership bodies?)


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Solution: Course/module dashboard

Produce a course/module dashboard using student information to present tutors and managers with a view of individuals at risk. To do this we will explore existing institutional and commercial solutions and look to provide a possible solution (or set of tools) that can be adopted by institutions. The aim will be to find a basic tool (or set of tools) that benefit the maximum number of institutions. These tools draw in... more »


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