Micro Projects 2015

Using data and analytics to support students; improving satisfaction, retention and graduation rates.

Learning Analytics Micro-Projects Invitation

Learning Analytics is often focused on a common set of institutional data sets such as the VLE, student information system and library systems. These will form the core of the basic analytics solution being developed by Jisc. The key questions that will be addressed are likely to be around retention and attainment. We recognise that learning analytics has the potential to offer a lot more.

Members of the Learning Analytics network are invited to suggest ideas for small projects to explore more advanced learning analytics. This might involve the use of data sources beyond what is normally collected by institutions; exploring learning analytics to support a wider variety of learning questions or any activity that stretches our current understanding of learning analytics.

Process, Funding and Timescale

  • Submission of ideas via http://analytics.ideascale.com by the 31 May 2015
  • Ideas will be voted on by members of the learning analytics network
  • The top 6-10 ideas will be invited to pitch at the network meeting in June 2015 (24 June at Nottingham Trent University) where members at the meeting will review and select the ideas against the criteria for selection below
  • Funding of £5,000 per project will be provided to the selected ideas (target 3 projects)
  • Projects will be required to present their findings at the January 2016 network meeting (date and venue tbc)
  • Jisc will consider the feasibility of implementing ideas as part of the learning analytics solution in the future or supporting development of a third party product

Criteria for selection

  • Desirability – the number of votes received and the popularity at the network event
  • Feasibility – how likely the ideas could be translated into a production service
  • Achievable – is the plan for implementation of the study achievable in the timescales
  • Strength of the team – how convinced are we that the team have the skills, expertise and time to undertake the work
  • Consultation - does the idea consult with stakeholders e.g. learners
  • Ethical – whether the ideas is seen to be ethical

Jisc provides digital solutions for UK education and research.

Ideascale is being used to support a Jisc project but is not affiliated with or funded by Jisc in any way.

Micro Projects 2015

Lightweight Library Lover

A simple induction week game -

-surfaced in Blackboard New Student Area as a module on the Home tab.

-setting simple challenges each day of induction week, Lightweight harvesting and analysis of basic library data -loans, reservations, EZ proxy log activity.

-feedback in the form of a school based leaderboard. -think Hogwarts House points.


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Micro Projects 2015

Synthetic Data for Testing, Demos, Benchmarking

There are many occasions when using real data is not feasible, either 1) because doing so would violate privacy or ethical considerations, or 2) because real data is not available (this is likely to apply while people take early steps with learning analytics). Simply obfuscating obviously personal data is not sufficient; there are both examples and theoretical studies that show this kind of attempt at anonymisation can... more »


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Micro Projects 2015

Assessment is time important

We have a significant number of online marking of essays which also have set due dates so are looking at Assignment timings and feedback access.
Relationship between time submitted (in relation to deadline) and grade given
Hypothesis - students that submit early get better marks
Relationship between time feedback accessed (in relation to release date) number of times feedback access and grades on subsequent grades
Hypothesis... more »


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Micro Projects 2015

Presentation is everything

We've got lots of data, we've got lots of correlations, heaven knows we've got a lot of students. The problem is bringing these things together in a way that doesn't seem scary in a big brother/panopticon sort of way... or that doesn't create more work for the hard pressed academics and admins, who are already busy busy busy.
ESPECIALLY for those students who are most likley to benefit from the feedback, those that perhaps... more »


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Micro Projects 2015

Prozone for the classroom

Much of the current state on learning analytics is based upon existing data. Data that has been discovered rather than generated with the specific purpose of analysis. This necessarily means that we can only ever analyse those digital interactions gathered, often somewhat by accident.

This proposal addresses some of that problem. By capturing physical interactions we can begin to understand much more about where and... more »


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Micro Projects 2015

Putting the learning analytics in the hands of the students

Putting the learning analytics in the hands of the students: what actually helps them learn?
At Leeds Beckett University, we propose to use learning analytics to engage students in academic self-efficacy around their online learning experience. Hodges (2013), supporting Bandura’s (1997) original work, has emphasised the value of creating online learning environments which promote positive self-efficacy beliefs in students.... more »


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